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Car tax still £185, now that’s a result

March 31, 2008

Firstly, I must put my hands up.  I am a 4×4 driver with a really low MPG ratio.
Secondly, I live in a built up area
Thirdly, I do a lot of hours on the road.

However, before you string me up, I would like to point out the following:-

i’m overweight, and therefore need a big engine to pull my weight
I visit the villages almost every day and the little winding lanes and  high hedgerows are unsafe in little cars
I don’t use it to drop the kids off at school
I don’t use it to nip down the shops 500 meters away
I vehicle share on my trip to work, with another smoker I might add
I also use my vehicle to transport large items to and from France
Finally, it’s my right to have a choice over car ownership

Now that’s off my chest, I would like to add that I have just gone to tax my vehicle.  I was expecting some nasty news from the budget, but guess what?  It’s the same as last year.  Apparently they are going to crack down on the purchase of big cars and 4×4’s but not hurt those who already have one.  Excellent.  That not only means that i’m still paying £185 per year, but also that the second hand market will stay buoyant.

I’m happy now. 🙂

So it’s back to Airport Parking for me, where I can continue to be a happy bunny.

After I said it here first, Government willing to asssit Heathrow terminal 5

March 31, 2008

Only the other day, I said the Government should either take over or assist the sorting out of Heathrow Terminal 5.  Now it appears Transport Minister Ruth Kelly has said the government stood “ready to assist” should BA or BAA need help.

Well, having suggested this myself, I don’t think they should wait to be asked, I think they should go straight in for the good of the countries image.  And all costs should be charged back to BA and BAA, so that the taxpayer does not lose out again when BA and BAA make so much money each year.

I see even BA are worried how long it will take to sort as with Terminal 5’s problems have led BA to consider postponing the transfer of its long-haul operations at Terminal 4 to the new building, which had been scheduled for the end of April.

The passengers due on these flights are probably hoping this is the case too.

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i’ve got fluffy hair

March 31, 2008

Since my haircut on Saturday, i’ve not really taken much notice, however, I was horrified this morning, on getting to work to see that it’s gone all fluffy.

Where I have washed it and rushed out, the wind has blown it dry and its fluffy and sticking up, where it is shorter than normal.

It looks funny. I think I will definately stick to my normal stylist in the future, but pop in for a chat with the others aftwards.

Oh well, back to airport parking, with my fluffy hair.

Support the Vulcan restoration project

March 31, 2008

Support The Vulcan Restoration Project

Help get XH558 back into the air where she belongs and in public view again.

Smoking in cars!! – something to think about

March 31, 2008

Something funny.

Have you ever had a friend that is very anti smoking, and always comments on how it disgusts them that you smoke.

You value their concern, but their constant badgering can be a little annoying and its been worse since the no smoking in public buildings and such like.

So heres the funny point. If its absolutely pouring down with rain and you are driving to work and you see your friend walking along the road soaked, should you stop?

Techically, it’s not a works vehicle, so you can invite people into it, but should you?  Is it ethical?  Plus on the personal level, if they moan about you smoking, would you forgive all the hassle and offer the lift?

In my view, it’s a no.  The car would have residual items in the air to risk your friend and therefore you could not.  It will not be long before the Government insists on warning notes to be put on private cars to warn people that a smoker users it.

Mind you, I can see the day when all smokers are forced to wear a logo on their clothes to show that they are unclean.  There are serious points behind this as many of the older readers are aware of, but that’s how I believe this country is heading.

When the country starts heading that way, I will be on my toes and straight to the airport, to fly off to France, where my little house is located.  At least there, I am free to express myself as I wish, with a Government which still listens to the electorate.

I wonder if I could still work for Compare whilst living in France.  I hope so.

BA say that the T5 baggage system is ‘working’, what about DNA from old pants

March 31, 2008

Well, I suppose they are right in saying that the system is working.  Unfortunately there are still thousands of bags outstanding at Heathrow T5.

Now, Call me sceptical if you want, but I gather that BAA and BA called in 400 staff at the weekend, solely to clear the outstanding baggage.  on top of that I gather more flights are still cancelled and there is still a mountain of bags left to be processed.

This still makes the UK look  really bad in the eyes of our European counterparts and the world.

On top of all this, some people are apparently being advised that they can claim on their insurance, for the bags.  Now, don’t get me wrong, but say you are coming back from honeymoon, and your dress is in the bags, you don’t want compensation, you want your dress.  What if your camera or memory chip is in your bag, all those photos and memories are lost.

BAA and BA will have to be careful, there has been times in the past when bags have just been gathered up and sent to auction after a certain time period, and the company claiming the owners could not be tracked.  Scott Mills from BBC radio 1, once covered a story about this and actually tracked down the auction house.   Now, there is nothing wrong with this, and its all legal, but I cannot think of anything worse than items of my clothing and other things I carry in my luggage being auctioned then pawed through by strangers.  And in the age of DNA fingerprinting, here’s a thought, imagine a pair of dirty pants, being in your luggage waiting to be washed when you get home, being auctioned as part of your bag.  Subsequently those pants being left at the scene of a murder or a rape!!.  Put’s you on the suspect list straight away.  Is this just me or am I talking sense.

Anyhow, even though the baggage is having problems, and flights are delayed at Heathrow, you know you can always trust on Compare-Airport-Parking, to find you the cheapest parking at Heathrow terminal 5 or indeed anywhere at Heathrow.

Its Saturday, so its hair and stew time

March 29, 2008

It’s Saturday, so no work on airport parking for me today. I must admit, I am still watching the ongoing saga at Heathrow Terminal 5. It would appear there’s still 15,000 bags waiting to be passed on. Mmm I don’t savour that task.!!

Anyhow, more about me. It was time to trim the old hair today. My favourite hair stylist was not available so I had someone else, and to be honest, it was nice, with a different face and a different topic of conversation. Funny enough, the conversation went on to childrens TV. This is one of my favourite subjects. I don’t have kids (only a godson and he’s growing up fast) but I still like to chill out and watch some strange kids programs.

I think I will have to post some memories on here, see if it prompts any memories from you, or if you have any comments.

Anyhow, my wife is not feeling so well, so it was time to prepare a batch of my nourishing farmhouse stew. I love making this, but I always take hours doing it, as I insist on ensuring all the vegetables break down almost to a mush to let the juices all mingle. Best served with mash, but I’ve stuck it in a baked potato before!!

The only problem was I did not have time to go to the butchers, so I thought I could use Tesco’s to save time and get everything in one place. Big mistake, Tesco’s in Ashford Kent, had delivery failures, so the fresh meat counter looked like Old Mother Hubbards cupboard. No good irish beef, no good english beef. There was some scottish beef but this was so expensive, I thoought I would skip it. Lucky for me I found a nice pre packaged couple of steaks, which are good for cutting up.

So now, after cutting two bags of carrots, two bags of parsnips, three sweedes and ten large leeks, the result is 4 large pots slowly bubbling away with a nice organic smell. I thought I would pop onto Internet land and have a little look, before starting on the meat and onions. The old chest freezer won’t know whats hit it tonight.

Is it just me, or is this just so wrong?

March 28, 2008

I was reading an article on all the people waiting at Heathrow Airport terminal 5.

One chap claimed “I could do was visit lovejuice and wait”.!!

Well, I had to look it up, and yes, there is a juice bar called Lovejuice. It is a chain that appears in many other airports and shopping centres, they are also looking into creating a range of heathy snacks called lovebites.

Other catering at Heathrow Terminal 5 include:-
Gordon Ramsay
Krispy Kreme
Caffè Nero
V Bar (launched by the Restaurant Group)

But, i’m sorry, only lovejuice made me laugh. Take a look at catersearch, who list all the Heathrow Terminal 5 catering.

If you are travelling to Heathrow soon, have you considered Heathrow airport parking?, or how about a hotel at heathrow the night before your flight. Stay nice and relaxed before you hit the terminal.

A man after my own heart

March 28, 2008

Was surfing the other blogs on this site and found this.

What an excellent idea.

The blog is called eggbaconchipsandbeans and that practically sums it up.

I remember when I was working in IT, we always used to go to an old cafe like these, we used to report to our line manager to say we had on to work on the ECB server, (egg chips beans), and go for a fry up.  The cafe was an excellent place to see all the sorts of the world.  Other IT guys, builders, cleaners, road gangs, it was so much good fun.

Sometimes I wish I was back in those days, mind you, I suppose thats because its to do with food and i’m getting old, lol

Its not at Heathrow, so where is the little Concorde from outside?

March 28, 2008

Have you ever considered what happened to the little 40% scale model of Concorde that used to sit outside Heathrow.

Now that there is a lot of attention at Heathrow, many people will start thinking, where is the Concorde.

Well, rest assured that it was not scrapped.  In another top management decision, BA decided that it was something from the past, and not symbolic of their companys current development.  (Rather ironic that the new terminal 5 building has  a Concorde Lounge and Bar!!).

The other reason behind this was the cost of the plot of land, although small, was well over a £1,000,000 to hire as advertising space.

However, the Concorde model is safe, she has an excellent home at the Brooklands Museum, along with a  full sized one.  Visit the site here.

If you are interested in the full sized concorde, take a look at what’s been happening to her.