Andy and Compare Airport Parking

Morning Welcome to my blog.   Firstly hello.  My name is Andy, and I manage a web site called Compare Airport Parking. This blog is not so much about the company, or so much about me, but a merge between the two.Basically, my life is work, and work is my life.  I do have some personal passions, such as my little house in Frances and certain TV programs  and such.I also have a strong opinion on the way the UK is run, and although these are my personal opinions, I love to discuss and debate, so if you disagree, feel free to let me know, we can discuss it further. I have been compared to Victor Meldrew, as I often have some comments on local, national or international events, so be careful, if its tagged as my views, be prepared to agree or disagree. I hope that covers everything  Andy 

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