The Budget and Me

Well yesterday saw the new chancellor and the budget.  I always see this as a special time of the year.  Think of christmas time, you have a list of things you would love, and if you are good, you receive them.Well budget day is the oposite.  Oh, I still have a list of things, but I actually sit there and pray that the chancellor leaves them alone. I am a smoker, a medium to light drinker (my preference is spirits), I drive a car for pleasure and I drive a car to work (public transport non existant).So how do you all think I fared in the budget?Well, I am going to tell you anyway.  Car tax proposal huge, petrol increase, extra tax on cigarettes, extra on drinks (55p on jack daniels).Now, what really annoys me, is that I have worked every day of my adult life, I have never claimed any money from the Government ever, I made a decision not the have children, I support local trade and business where available.  However, I am taxed to such an extreme that it becomes almost worthwhile refusing to work and going on the dole.  The current system is set in such a way that this does become the case.Why don’t we go back to rewarding those who contribute to the economy and prosperity of the country. Don’t get me wrong, I do not believe the unemployed or sick should be penalized if it is for a valid reason.  But in a country where we have an unemployed figure of any size we should not be employing people outside the country to work, when we have a workforce being supplemented by the state for no return. This budget just seems to be a revenue earner to sort out the Governments problems, whilst destroying the fabric of the wage earning electorate.Take my work environment too.  At Compare-Airport-Parking  our main business, as the name suggests, sells car parking at the airport.  Now, with increased taxes, fuel and the like, this will obviously have an effect on my business, with people having to move towards public transport, even if this is more costly and less direct and less handy.  Also with more big brother nanny state restrictions being put in place, this also restricts our options.However, I have my little house in France, and will definitely consider moving before too long, if we continue this downward trend of taxation.   

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