The morning after

well, last night was interesting. I managed to reach London by 4pm, and was soon ushered into one of the old drinking spots, I used to frequent. It was nice to see a familiar building as many in the centre of the city have been demolished.

After 3 hours of re-newing acquaintances, it was time to attend the re-union. On walking in, there were so many familiar faces, some from 2 years ao, but there were some from 15 years ago. I think the only upsetting point is that I am getting quite grey, but some of the older people are actually looking the same or younger.

By around 10pm, I thought I should consider getting to my hotel to at least check my bags in. However, a combination of alcohol, tiredness and the changing landscape of london, coupled with the fact that Travelodge do not print their address on your confirmation, I got a little lost.

I was walking around like a lost tourist for a good 30 – 45 mins, until finally finding a cab and asking him to get me there. After waiting for other people to check in and getting to my room, I thought i’d relax, next thing I know irs morning, lol

I feel guilty to my old friends, but whats done is done.

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