Smoking and the current laws

Ahh, here’s a controversial one.Firstly, I am a smoker. As a smoker, I feel victimized as being constantly targeted by taxation and by the Government, but I am always the one they like to make a revenue from. Secondly, having allowed us (over 30’s) to be bombarded with advertising for years, now make us the scapegoats. Now we cannot smoke in pubs and clubs.Andy’s Plan If I was given any powers to make decisions, I would make the following plan available for comment and vote. This would allow the people to have a choice rather than follow a nanny state decision. Pubs are licenced by the local authority. The local authority should decide how amny smoking pubs a local area should have. If we were to run on 25%, a town with 40 pubs would have 10 smoking ones. These smoking pubs would carry warning signs to any patron (such as coal mines and other hazardous areas have) of enter at your own risk, and list the dnagers. The staff working in these pubs / clubs would also be given the warnings and advice on beign exposed. Any staff who did not want to work in a smoking pub, could be re-located to another in the same area, and swap between pubs on an amical solution.At the year end, the local council could assess how the previous year had run, and with input from the publicans, could make a decision wether the percentage of smoking pubs increased or decreased. It was also remove many people from standing in the streets and throwing cigarette ends in the street.This sounds like a very simple solution, thats because it is. Non smokers retain a huge proportion of the pub and club buisness, whilst drinkers, smokers and club goers actually are given the right to decide what they want. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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