The A380 comes to the UK

Well, today is the day, the A380 flies into Heathrow for the first time carrying passengers.Singapore Airlines are bringing in one of these huge planes, and aparently, all the passengers will get a special certificate to say they were the first ones.  Well I want one.  That would be quite a cool item to have.  Mind you, i’d be worried senseless as I hate planes, and the bigger they get then the more worried I am.Put me in an old world war 2 plane and I would be fine.  Strange isn’t it.   I was at Gatwick not long ago, and I was parking my car in Parking Express.  Whoosh, I had not realized how close to the airport and runway you actually are.  I could have sworn, and I swear I could feel the breeze as the plane passed over my head.  Well, that was enough to worry me silly, and at that stage I had not even got inside the airport, let alone on the plane Its strange how we can be affected by Phobia’s.  I love planes, I love airports, I work with Airport Parking, I support the restoration of famous planes, but I am absolutely petrified of going on them.  I am getting better, but its still hard to do. Still, there’s a section on my website to cover the fear of flying its helped me a little bit, but hey, it might help you. Further to this, I looked on the web for a video of the landing, but instead could only find it landing elsewhere, shame as it looks amazing. 

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