Vulcan Bomber – Please let her fly again

Some of you may or may not be aware of the debt of thanks owed to this wonderful aircraft.

Originally developed for the cold war and in charge of the UK’s nuclear deterent, the planes were only called into an active war zone once, and this was just as they were being scrapped.

The vulcans were called into action to fulfill a bombing mission on the Falkland Islands, in an attempt to persuade the Argentinians to hand back the islands they had invaded, and to stop holding innocent British subjects hostage, subjects that had opted for British rule rather than Argentinian.

However, thats all history, the main point here is that, after the work this aircraft did for the country there are no flying examples in the country.

To help try and get one flying, visit the website that is trying to get one of the planes back to flying condition. This group has managed to get one into the air for an intial test flight, but require more funds to keep the plane flying.

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