Bendy Buses in London

What a farce.I have been reading about the Bendy Buses in London and how many people think the whole thing is down to politics.  I worked in London for over 16 years.  The old routemaster buses were my friends. Whether you were at a stop or walking along the road when the traffic stopped, it was handy to jump in and jump off at where ever you wanted.  Yes, there was an element of risk if the bus was moving, but who wasn’t aware of this.  As an adult I was aware of the risks, and followed my own safety rules.It was a shame to see them all retired, whereas a small cost of changing the interior and perhaps an extra bar to hold onto (plus health and safety warning notices) and they would have been fine.  Did anyone actually see how fast they were all purchased from the wholesale sale?  I did, they went quicker than a rat out of an aqueduct.  And they even kept some running on the historic route.  The current mayor of London claims the Bendy Buses are the better deal, so why did he stop adding them to other routes?  Did anyone else notice that the historic routes are extremely popular even with commuters. Also, people quote the safety record of the open back and the cost of a human conductor?  Well, imagine the fare savings where a real person can grab fare dodgers and can also assist in accidents and overcrowding!!  Also has anyone considered that the number of acidents compared to the number of years running is also an issue, also is the road laws and safety.It all comes down to what do you like.  If London wants to promote greener travel, they want to remove the Bendy Buses that like to side swipe cyclists and pedestrians.  London is an ancient city, with tight turns and wierd little roads.  A double decker is built upwards to provide more room inside whilst using less road space.  It was designed that way for a reason.So endeth my sermon 

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