Not displaying cigarettes in shops

Here I go again.  It’s rant time.

The Government are discussing hiding all cigarettes under the counter.

I think this is crazy!!  How long ago was it, that they decided to open Bookmakers shops open so that children did not see such a fascination with them and become gamblers.  Look at soft pornography, that used to be under the counter, now many magazines are top shelf or in specialist shops.

Hiding an item away does not stop children, it actually breeds an interest, as it’s the old attack on authority.

I notice the Government are going all out on cigarettes now, obviously they are not making enough revenue from us old smokers now.  So the Smokers are the bad people of society, whereas drink related deaths and drink related anti social behaviour is on the increase, so the Government allow pubs and clubs to go 24 hour, and drinks are in full view in supermakets which are frequented by children.

What do I think?  Bring back the old off licences, which could sell cigarettes and alcohol, and stop children going in.  As they would be specialist shops, much like the R18 shops for the sex trade, children would not be exposed and therefore kept safe.

Would this happen?  NO, why not?  Because theres good tax revenue to be made on alcohol sales.

Don’t forget, if they can get more money out of you, they will follow that course of action.

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