Heathrow Terminal 5 – baggage problems

So BAA have invested all that money into a new terminal that is very high tech and will serve BA.

So I see on first day of operations they have already had baggage problems.

With these types of problems, it’s almost showing the rest of the world how poorly the British now undertake projects, you would think there would be some further calls to stop the monopoly by BAA and let some one else have a go at running a London Airport. We shall have to see. Hopefully these are short term teething glitches that will be ironed out over a period of time.  Watch this space.
BA will also be observed during this time of high media coverage.  As they have also been involved in baggage problems so this could also be a tough time for them if problems are not resolved.

Personally, I still wish BA would allow someone to restore a Concorde back to flying condition (non supersonic). After all, it was public money that paid for them pre privatization.  This is a personal bug bear of mine and I will talk about this at another time.

Read a story on it

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