Heathrow Terminal 5 – more problems

Terminal 5 problems are still occurring.  I think everyone now is beginning to realize how bad this looks for the entire country.  The skills and prowess of British building and planning has definately taken a beating.

At the moment, the world is watching Heathrow’s terminal 5, and they are laughing.

What should we do?  Well, I would get the mayor for london to get involved, as apparently he has some say over London and its transport infrastructure.  I would also involve the government resources to get the systems sorted.

What should also happen is a full enquiry into how these problems occurred after all the apparent testing that was involved!!

The BBC are covering the story as it happens and have reporters on site.  Read more on their site.

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One Response to “Heathrow Terminal 5 – more problems”

  1. Jayne Og Says:

    Hi I am doing a blog on Terminal 5 as i work in the termina. I’d love for you to check out my blog. Thanks


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