Junk food near schools!!

Now we are definately being hurdled into a nanny state.  News has been published that the Government intend to make it harder for fast food shops to open if they are near a school.

It is thought that because they are so close to the school, all the children will eat the fast food rather than school dinners and continue an unhealthy lifestyle.

So, the Government in their New Labour way, has considered getting local councils to consider not issuing new licences to fast food shops near schools.  This follows an earlier attempt to try and get children to stay inside school during dinner breaks, however, this cannot be enforced.

Is it time to change?  Who should be responsible for the children’s eating habits, should the parents decide, should the schools, should the government or even rather even the children themselves.

Let’s put this up and debate the issues that matter to us?

Read a BBC article on it.

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