BA say that the T5 baggage system is ‘working’, what about DNA from old pants

Well, I suppose they are right in saying that the system is working.  Unfortunately there are still thousands of bags outstanding at Heathrow T5.

Now, Call me sceptical if you want, but I gather that BAA and BA called in 400 staff at the weekend, solely to clear the outstanding baggage.  on top of that I gather more flights are still cancelled and there is still a mountain of bags left to be processed.

This still makes the UK look  really bad in the eyes of our European counterparts and the world.

On top of all this, some people are apparently being advised that they can claim on their insurance, for the bags.  Now, don’t get me wrong, but say you are coming back from honeymoon, and your dress is in the bags, you don’t want compensation, you want your dress.  What if your camera or memory chip is in your bag, all those photos and memories are lost.

BAA and BA will have to be careful, there has been times in the past when bags have just been gathered up and sent to auction after a certain time period, and the company claiming the owners could not be tracked.  Scott Mills from BBC radio 1, once covered a story about this and actually tracked down the auction house.   Now, there is nothing wrong with this, and its all legal, but I cannot think of anything worse than items of my clothing and other things I carry in my luggage being auctioned then pawed through by strangers.  And in the age of DNA fingerprinting, here’s a thought, imagine a pair of dirty pants, being in your luggage waiting to be washed when you get home, being auctioned as part of your bag.  Subsequently those pants being left at the scene of a murder or a rape!!.  Put’s you on the suspect list straight away.  Is this just me or am I talking sense.

Anyhow, even though the baggage is having problems, and flights are delayed at Heathrow, you know you can always trust on Compare-Airport-Parking, to find you the cheapest parking at Heathrow terminal 5 or indeed anywhere at Heathrow.

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2 Responses to “BA say that the T5 baggage system is ‘working’, what about DNA from old pants”

  1. angry from seattle Says:

    100% on re socks and durty underwear – it has happened in the past and the trial is still going on ! Cost – $200 million cdn and rising

  2. compareandy Says:

    Angry, is the case documented? I would love to read an extract from it.

    It all sounds big brother but it’s true. Here in the UK, if police have any cause to take a DNA profile, they are under no obligation to destroy once your innocence is proven.

    therefore many UK citizens have a DNA profile registered against them and not realize it. If their DNA profile is matched any time in the future, it could be taken as evidence against them.

    Now everyone should be worried with missing bags

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