Car tax still £185, now that’s a result

Firstly, I must put my hands up.  I am a 4×4 driver with a really low MPG ratio.
Secondly, I live in a built up area
Thirdly, I do a lot of hours on the road.

However, before you string me up, I would like to point out the following:-

i’m overweight, and therefore need a big engine to pull my weight
I visit the villages almost every day and the little winding lanes and  high hedgerows are unsafe in little cars
I don’t use it to drop the kids off at school
I don’t use it to nip down the shops 500 meters away
I vehicle share on my trip to work, with another smoker I might add
I also use my vehicle to transport large items to and from France
Finally, it’s my right to have a choice over car ownership

Now that’s off my chest, I would like to add that I have just gone to tax my vehicle.  I was expecting some nasty news from the budget, but guess what?  It’s the same as last year.  Apparently they are going to crack down on the purchase of big cars and 4×4’s but not hurt those who already have one.  Excellent.  That not only means that i’m still paying £185 per year, but also that the second hand market will stay buoyant.

I’m happy now. 🙂

So it’s back to Airport Parking for me, where I can continue to be a happy bunny.

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