Concorde’s Final Day of Commercial Flight

Concorde’s Final Day of Commercial Flight Part 3 o

I seem to be making a bit of a memorial day to Concorde today.  I’m sorry.  With the 90th Anniversary of the RAF and a celebration of British engineering and plane production, I still find it criminal that these beautiful aircraft were allowed to be sacrificed by BA, without even allowing them to remain as display aircraft in a memorial flight.

If technology and engineering is advanced enough to allow a Spitfire to remain flying, and a Lancaster Bomber, and various other wartime airplane, you would think they could have done some thing.

This is another reason why, when the chance to donate towards some organization  who are willing to save an icon of British engineering, then you should join in.

Another such icon is the Vulcan Bomber and of course the London Routemaster Bus

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2 Responses to “Concorde’s Final Day of Commercial Flight”

  1. jimsmuse Says:

    I’m from the other side of the pond, and grew up near NYC, right on the flight path of the Concorde. While a lot of folks complained about it, hearing the Concorde overhead always put me into a dreamy state, thinking romantic thoughts about where the people on the flight were going, and how exciting it would be to take the flight one day.

    I’m sad I never got the chance, but thank you for reminding me of a nice memory!

    I’ve been reading some entries in your blog, and your profession seems unusual and intriguing. Would you be willing to come to my site My Cool Job and tell me more about it?

  2. tonalddrump Says:

    Flight of the Concords. A cuter Tenacious D.

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