Operation Stack on the M20

Now, no matter where in the country you live, you must have heard of operation stack.

To give a brief rundown on Operation Stack.  Basically when there are problems in the cross channel traffic, be this bad weather affecting the ferries, problems with the Channel Tunnel, whatever the situation, when there looks like there will be a large amount of lorries that cannot reach France, Kent Police annouce Operation Stack and one section of the M20 motorway, is closed and turned into a huge lorry park.

If the situation continues another section of the M20 motorway is closed, uniquely called phase 2.

During these closures, it becomes hellish to travel anywhere through Kent.  The residents are very badly hit, but also anyone trying to travel through for other reasons.

Finally a solution has been proposed, to use some farming land, near a electrical substation, to turn into a large lorry park, so the lorries can be taken off the road and facilities provided to them, rather than costing the taxpayers millions through police bills and other expenses and motorway gridlock.

Now, being a kent resident, but also a M20 user, I have been made aware of this petition.  Please feel free to sign it and help keep out motorways open.

It’s funny, I promote parking at airports, but did not think I would ever promote motorway parking, lol

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