Today really is Vulcan Day

After putting in the blog on the Southend Airport, a friend of mine asked if I knew of any more.

Well, I am going to look at a later time, however, I can now note 3 in good condition.

1)    XH558     – Bruntingthorpe    –    this one should fly again soon – Website

2)    XL426     –  Southend               –   This one does fast taxi’s            – Website

3)    XM655    – Wellesbourne         –   This one does fast taxi’s too   –   Website

XM655 after an engine run in 2003, with the rudder removed for reskinning; Damien Burke

So I am really happy now that three of these glorious planes are at least in a condition to perform to the crowds.  It would be even nicer if all three could return to flight.  I suppose only time will tell,  now that XH558 is about to fly in airshows, the other two may see it viable.  I can almost see it now, a flying delta shape made up of 3 Vulcans, trailed by the red arrows.  WOW.  And for a complete flight of fancy, how about some Concordes.!!


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2 Responses to “Today really is Vulcan Day”

  1. Alan Says:

    Do you know if the FANTASTIC Vulcan will fly at Leuchars this year please in September? My next door neighbour flew 70 of these Vulcans ovr the years and I LOVE the Vulcan!

  2. compareandy Says:

    I have not read any plans to see her fly there.

    The current airshow diary does have Biggin Hill down as a “Vulcan depending on servicability”. So as this is not far from me, I am happy.

    No doubt once the last couple of test flights are complete we will know more.

    Keep an eye on the website for more news.


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