Why do I feel so embarassed about buying vodka

I bumped into some friends at the weekend as I was leaving Tescos.I felt really embarrassed as I had vodka in my trolley.

Now you may think, what’s the problem with having a little vodka.

Well, it was not just a little vodka, I had 40 litres of vodka, which resulted in over 40 bottles, as the majority were 70cl bottles.  lol

Well, now I feel I must admit that I was actually purchasing them on behalf of a company to use at a party in a vodka luge.  But it still felt really embarrassing.


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One Response to “Why do I feel so embarassed about buying vodka”

  1. she Says:

    I got so drunk i walked into the wrong door of my duplex. With my shirt off and ass hanging out. I only found out about it because they came over the next day to see if i was ok.
    Another time I got drunk and kidnapped their cat…

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