Was there ever a blue Concorde? Yes there was.

People sometimes see photos of a blue Concorde and think it’s a fake.

Well take a look at this website.  It’s actually true.

Picture - Remi Dallot from the Concorde SST website

The Concorde SST Website

As you will know, I love the Concorde, and would love to see her flying again, even in a display environment and non supersonic.

As a supporter of the Vulcan, I know that the longer a plane is taken out of service, the more it costs to get her back into the air.

The Vulcan XH558 was on the ground for 14 years, and has now cost millions to get her back in the air, and she’s not certified yet.

As for Concorde, she’s still only been grounded a fraction of that time, and therefore we could possibly get her in the air again.  But it’s going to take action.  For someone to be brave enough to take on BA and win will take a special sort of person.

Speaking on behalf of all the Concorde fans i know,  I was hoping for Sir Richard Branson to achieve success in obtaining at least one plane, but this fell through.  It is such a shame as Sir Richard is probably the only hope for this plane this decade.  Imagine the sight of Concorde back in the sky, I would not mind even if she was painted bright red, as an advert for the Virgin Brand.  She would be back in the air where she belonged.

One of these days I will write a letter to Sir Richard, regarding Concorde, and the little known Corncorde B variant, whcih never got built,  but was bigger, had a longer range and was quieter and more fuel efficient.

I will have to stop here or I will go on for ever


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