My favourite Cruise Ship – SS The Emerald

The last of the original gems of Thomson cruise fleet is finally going at the end of this year.

Many people will remember the early days when Thomson really got into the cruise business.

The Topaz
The Sapphire
The Emerald

These were to name only three. I do wonder sometimes, back when I started cruising, we picked Thomson for the smaller sized ships and friendly staff. They had five ships and terrific routes.

Roll forward to the end of 2008 and what will Thomson have? Four ships, less interesting itineraries, some of which (like the Caribbean) are also exact copies of the old 1999 brochure for the Emerald. Also the ships are now flat bottomed large monsters and not so appealing to the classic cruisers.

Well, theres nothing we can do about change, if that’s how Thomson think we feel, the best way we can show them it is not, is by going elsewhere.  I will be looking at Fred Olsen and Lois Cruises myself.

Anyhow, heres a picture of the Emerald, as she was moored in Istanbul in 2007, having just sailed the Black Sea.

The Emerald Cruise Ship


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9 Responses to “My favourite Cruise Ship – SS The Emerald”

  1. Jack Says:

    We cruised on the Emerald back in …2000 or something. It was a bit like the Woolwich Ferry.

    Don’t get me wrong, it was a fun time, but it’s time to hang up the ….anchor.

  2. Jack Says:

    We went on Topaz a couple of years later. That was more fun. I think Thomson got rid of Topaz later that year – some far eastern academic programme or something!

  3. compareandy Says:

    Thanks Jack

    Think that was a bit unfair to compare The Emerald to the Woolwich ferry, but I can understand each of these things are down to the individual.

    I mean, take the Topaz, I could understand why people loved her, but to me, it was not my cup of tea. The ship itself was ok, but the passengers were different.

    This became more noticable when the Topaz stopped and they went on the The Emerald, and TUI enforced the all inclusive drinks packages

    As for the fate of the Topaz, she was sold and became a Japanese peace ship, and was sailed to the Olympics in Greece 2004. After that I believe she was in such a bad state, she was scrapped

  4. Gfcly Says:

    Who told it was the last travel.

    Boarded in Tripoli last august 2009 .

    Still romantic


  5. Andy Skinner Says:

    Thank you for your response to the blog

    I would really love to hear more about the cruise and how you found it. My blog was focused really on the SS Emerald, no longer being under a British charter and effectively removed from the UK travel market. I understand Louis cruises are marketing her this year under their own cruise company.

    However, as far as I am aware, under the SOLAS 2010 laws, SS The Emerald will no longer be able to sail without some serious modifications, and I am not sure if Louis Cruise Lines will pay for this considering the age and size of the ship.

    Other examples were the MV Topaz, which I believe was sold to the Japanese education department to become a peace ship, and was sailed to the Olympics in Athens before being abandoned.

    However, as I have said, I would love to hear more of your cruise. If it was more accessible to the British cruise market, I wouold love to travel on her again.


    • David Cole Says:

      Hi Andy,
      It looks like the great old cruise ship SS Emerald has all but gone now, broken up on the beach at Alang. I have fond memories of this old cruiser having two Caribbean trips with her in the 90s R.I.P

  6. Pine Desk Says:

    of course cruise ships are expensive but of course the trip is very nice -‘.

  7. Renia Says:!gallery/zoom/c1oyv/i01kfx

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