The Emerald Cruise Ship

I am feeling a little better now.  I can almost forgive TUI (Thomsons) for their removal of the Emerald Cruise ship.

It still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  However, I have to look back at the good times I have had on board this beautiful old lady of the seas.

There is also the possibility of following her around where ever she may be.  Lois Cruise lines may use her on the 3 day Egypt trips from Cyprus, you never know.  I am sure enough of her fans will keep an eye on her.

I will be saying my own goodbye to her in October, where, who knows, some memento or two may be obtained.  As the last 2 week cruise has now been re-named as the farewell cruise, it may be nice to see some of the former captains, one especially comes to mind.  Markellos Costrossus (spelt wrong).  He was the proper image of a cruise captain, big build and jolly, but with a firm hand when needed.  Always made me think of James Roberton Justice from the carry on films but without the beard and Greek.


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3 Responses to “The Emerald Cruise Ship”

  1. UpComingCamera.Info » Blog Archive » The Emerald Cruise Ship Says:

    […] Justice from the carry on films but without the beard and Greek. Andy Compare-Airport-Parking. MORE >>Creadit By weight […]

  2. The Emerald Cruise Ship | Cruises Says:

    […] ringodreammer wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]

  3. Peter Says:

    I knew the Emerald when she was the SS Santa Rosa, the most beautiful ship in the world. It is a shame that I was able to find her again in its last year. I hope they make more cruises next year-


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