Today is St Georges Day

So what does it really mean to you?

If it was St Patrick’s Day, many of you would run off to the nearest ale house and quaff Guiness. So why should English people want to celebrate St Patrick’s and not St George’s day.

Well I think it comes down to public perception and pressure. Do any of you remember the furst gulf war, where people were hanging flags and were being told to take them down. Also during the football competitons, people were being asked to take the flag down. It all boils down to national identity, our Government seems determined to quash our identity and present us with a boil in the bag, one size fits all european identity. well not this time.

St Georges day should be a day to celebrate great English achievements and developments.

What about Waterloo? The Battle of Britain, Trafalgar day. All great moments in history, but also what about the launch of the Titanic, the launch of Concorde and the Queens birthday. All these events should be important, and I believe the use of St George;s Day to promote these events is crucial.

We are not a piece of European land, we are England, we are proud.

You can always visit The Royal Society of St George


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