The AA and it’s call centres

Here is a fun point.

As stated, I was in France for a few days and had the misfortune to break down on my way home.

Being an AA member, but only for the UK, we thought we would phone them for advice.  Having been transferred twice, to numbers that were for closed offices, we finally got a recorded message saying as we were on a French motorway, they could not offer any assistance, being a member or not, due to the legalities of French motorways.

Well, as it took over an hour to finally see a French recovery vehicle, we decided it was better to bite ther bullet and get towed to Calais, where P&O would look after us.

It did cost us €460 for the pleasure but we got home.  My only complaints on the whole process are as follows:-

1)    AA should not pass you on to closed offices, luckily I was with my wife, but imagine if she was on her own in France.

2)   When we did speak to a person directly, it was an Indian call centre. I have no problem with this but the problem arose that the call centre person did not actually know where Dover Port was, and expected us, at that stage sitting on a Ferry in the middle of the channel, to give them a postal code so they could look it up.  The sad phrase of Google it comes to mind.

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