Well done P&O ferries

It’s not often I am really pleased with the service I receive but hands up and applaude P&O ferries.

With the problems I had in France, the French Recovery people towed me all the way to Calais.  But they did not just drop me at the gates, oh no, they took me through passport control, tickets etc everything.

P&O were great, they organised new tickets, obviously we missed our ferry.  They arranged for a tow onto one of their ships and also a tow off.

Now that is a great organisation, and good to know if you are stuck in France.  The words of get to the port will now always be on my mind.

Well done P&O, I am grateful.


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One Response to “Well done P&O ferries”

  1. faehren Says:

    Well, you definitely conveyed your experience well. we make it part of our holiday.

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