Goodbye to my car, a faithful friend

I received sad news.  My poorly Isuzu Bighorn has received the death sentence.  The big end had gone and I was seriously considering a new engine but have just been told it will cost me over £1700 for a new 3.1TD lump, and another £600 – £700 to fit it, then there is no guarantees that something else might break.

So with heavy heart and mind, I have had to consign the old girl to the knackers yard.  However, before she disappears to the car park in the sky, I need to take my £70 worth of diesel out of her tank (i’d just filled up when she broke down) and arrange something about her rear wheels, as these were only replaced 3 weeks ago.

Tax also needs sorting so she will have some use over the next couple of weeks as I crawl around and find those cd’s that fell down the back and random pens and loose change as she is emptied.

So where do I go now.  With not much money and a car which now acts as a shed with wheels, which way should I go?  I want a fuel efficient car, but I want a large size, so lorries don’t intimidate me on the road and I can fit my family in, so technically a six or seven seater.  My old car was 7 seater and long wheel base.

Well, I am seriously considering a people carrier but with a smaller engine, say 2 litre, but will need to check the costs and such before making the move.  Problem is, I have looked on the auto trader website and seen an identical twin for my old car, same colour, age everything.  Should I go there again?

We shall see


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