8 Responses to “Email Bank Account scams – its like Phonejacker”

  1. kerry Says:

    i am pretty sure that i am being bank hack now i haven’t agreed to any thing but the place and story all matchs up i have even been givein a phone number to contact her on same story they can spin or thought it was abit sad lol the amount of 8.6 mill it was when i thought there most be another way to get a refugee out i came arcoss this. so what do you think i should do should i keep predenting i will help see how long they can keep it up for i don’t know they have sent a couple of photos one of a women other 2 of flowers please help

  2. kerry Says:

    one mor thing that made me think is if they are were they say they are why is the e mail @yahoo.co.uk shouldn’t the police be able to track them

  3. compareandy Says:

    I am not sure how best to answer you Kerry.

    In my own honest opinion, if someone was really in this position, there must be a better way of seeking a resolution to the matter rather than randomly selecting people from the internet.

    My mail account that was used was a soley business email, used only for the internet as a contact, so it is not registered on any strange websites.

    Also, how would someone in a camp, get access to the internet. When I am abroad, its hard enough to find a spare machine in an internet cafe, and when you do they want to charge you lots of money.

    Basically, if the funds were deposited in England, the Bank of England could be contacted, and if they are in Europe, I am sure the European Central Bank could assist.

    Please be careful in your correspondence, you may give way more details about your own life which, in conjunction with your email address could be sold on and used against you.

    I would not advise you to lie to the person, but I could give you half a dozen refugee camps and some bank details that would make your hair curl, but I don’t have any funds there.

    Take care


  4. kerry Says:

    i haven’t givein out any pursonal info but they still beleave i would help they havn’t ask for my bank acount details they say they wont me to ring the bank and get the put in to my bank then send them same money know she is it is a she is saying that she loves me wonts to be with me live with and start a new life how can one fall in love over 2 emails it is sus and she exspekes me to give her my adrees and phone number and call her to day should i get the police inloved or a lawer

  5. compareandy Says:

    There should not be any need to involve police or laywers.

    To save getting upset or worried, you can always setup a block or spam reference to stop the mails coming to you.

    You can also bounce an email, which gives the sender the impression that the email address no longer exists.

    These types of emails used to be referred as 419 emails which were specifically Nigerian based emails. There is tons of info on the website, and each country deals with the problem in a variety of ways.

    Take a look at the following website – http://www.scamletters.com/rss.html

    This shows all these sorts of letters and you can forward your for them to look at.

  6. kerry Says:

    i would be upset but to provent other poeple being suck in to it same one alse mit make the mastake of of beliveing it then they will get screwed over i don’t wish it apon anyone they could lose every thing

  7. Jp Busch Says:

    If you had an account with $10 in it and someone was to try and pull a scam to withdraw money from this account how could they do it if no ATM or checks were issued or allowed on this account? Personal (in person withdrawls only) now I am pulling along just such a person from S. Africa just to see what they try and do. The only thing they will be able to do is a direct bank to bank money transfer, but then they would require you to be there if they wanted to get their money, right?

  8. dtac happy Says:

    For the most part when i am on holiday for a few weeks i just buy a prepay sim locally which saves on all the hassles of using my own sim card.

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