65 years on, we remember the Dambusters

A Lancaster bomber will fly three times over Derwent Reservoir in Derbyshire to commemorate the pilots and the planes of the famous Dambusters raid.

The reservoir was used as a training site by the pilots ahead of their attack on the German Dams.

In 1943, the RAF’s 617 Squadron set out to destroy three dams in Germany’s Ruhr valley. They managed to breach two, giving a boost to Britain’s war effort.

A service will also be held to remember the eight aircraft and 53 crew who were lost.

It will be held on top of the Derwent dam on Friday morning.

A Spitfire, a Hurricane, two Tornadoes and a Dakota transport plane will join the fly-past.  Also present will be Squadron Leader Les Munro, the last surviving pilot from the mission, Michael Gibson, whose uncle, Wing Commander Guy Gibson, led the Dambusters and 88-year-old Richard Todd, who played Mr Gibson in the 1954 film The Dambusters who will also lay poppies on the water of the reservoir.

The Dambusters raid was also famous for the specially designed bombs used to breach the dams.  These were designed and developed by Barnes Wallis, and were made to skip the water, much like a skimming stone, until they reached the dam, where they would sink and detonate at the base of the dam, causing the greatest damage.

Altogether 19 planes were dispatched on the raid, codenamed Operation Chastise.


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One Response to “65 years on, we remember the Dambusters”

  1. Pamela Jarvis Says:

    hi I’m looking for the name of the pilot who was from Kimberley in Nottingham, who flew a plane with the Damn Busters, is it possible for you to find this info for me. Alternatively the pilot who came from the place nearest to that destination. PLEASE.

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