M20 get’s operation Stack again

Well, what can I say.  The sun is out Summer is appraoching, there’s a Bank Holiday coming up, so what’s missing.

Well, there’s two things.

Firstly, the rain.  Well thats planned for the weekend and the Bank Holiday, so that’s normal.

Secondly, French fishermen on strike and Operation Stack being put in place on the M20, ruining my day.

Well, funny enough, it’s been annouced that the Port of Dover is closed due to French fishermen.  It’s only a matter of time until the M20 becomes a car park.

What makes matters worse is that I am due to go to my little house in France.

The Irony of this is that I was planning to go to France a month or so ago and SeaFrance went on strike, causing chaos.

I’m thinking that maybe we need to somehow buy the French side of the channel to avoid all these problems or re-open the Folkestone – Bolougne route.


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One Response to “M20 get’s operation Stack again”

  1. seafrance Says:

    […] the rain.? Well thats planned for the weekend and the Bank Holiday, so that??s normal. Seconhttps://compareandy.wordpress.com/2008/05/21/m20-gets-operation-stack-again/Port Strike Hits Cross-Channel Traffic Industry WeekStrikers angry about plans to privatize some […]

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