Bad weather pushes back final Vulcan test flights

There’s more bad news for the Vulcan.

The Vulcan XH558 has still not been able to fly and obtain her CAA certificate due to bad weather.

The Delta winged lady is still earthbound as the recent bad weather has caused her DA flights to be cancelled.  Without these flights and the associated certificates from the CAA, the Vulcan cannot fly and perform at airshows.

Obviously, this is a strain on the finances of the trust, who have in the past received lottery funding and personal contributions from over 20,000 private individuals.  The ideal situation would have been for Vulcan to attending the Biggin Hill airshow in June and receiving monies from the airshow and donations from the stand from fans, now with the plane having to cancel the show, this will affect the funds heavily.

So, it’s with a cap in hand, that, I ask personally, that people donate, just a little more.  No matter how small.  The Vulcan is so close to returning to the sky.   Let’s just give her that little boost so that hundreds of thousands can see her soar and roar.

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