sex and the city

So come on, can someone actually tell me what the score is with the hype over this film.

I actually sat down and watched an episode.  I thought to myself, before I moan about it, let’s watch an entire episode before saying anything.

Well, some of you will have seen this episode.  Basically, the one obsessed with shoes, goes to someones babies birthday party, and has to take her shoes off (they are worth over $400) .  When she leaves someone has stolen her shoes.  Over the episode the girl keeps going back about her shoes and the mother on the child calls her obsessed and without a life.

Finally it ends where she marries herself and asks the mother to buy her the shoes as a wedding present.

The end

Well, the whole thing had no substance, was basically interspersed with sexual references.

Now, I am not  a prude, but I thought if it had been a programme based around guys doing the same thing, surely there would be complaints.

Oh well, but I can assure you, I am not going to see the film


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  1. nick Says:

    ykuwVu hi! hice site!

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