Waddington Airshow 2008, the Vulcan flew

It finally happened, when I last posted on Friday night, I mentioned the CAA permit to fly, but no DA, permission to display.

What happens, they grant it. So Saturday finally saw the Vulcan fly in a display after all these years. Congratulations to all those who helped along the way. You can still help by visiting the Vulcan website.

I’ve added a couple of video’s from Youtube which I feel sum up the performance on Saturday, listen to the announcer on the second one, that’s real emotion.

The only upset was the old girl could not fly on the Sunday but then, as we saw before, she does not like being left outside, whereas at Bruntingthorpe, she has her own hanger for warmth.

One more old lady in the sky, next target is Concorde, eh!!


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2 Responses to “Waddington Airshow 2008, the Vulcan flew”

  1. Waddington Airshow 2008, the Vulcan flew Says:

    […] Go to the author’s original blog: Waddington Airshow 2008, the Vulcan flew […]

  2. Creelaprootly Says:

    Wow enjoyed reading your article. I submitted your rss to my google reader.

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