The Thomson Emerald

I am not a happy bunny today.

My ongoing problems with Thomson continue.  My local branch seem unable to calculate my bill.

In the last month I have had the following problems:-

Cancellation of two people, extra money added to my bill rather than removed
Deposit added as a charge rather than a payment
Incorrectly informing a member of the party of missing funds when that was not the case

and the classic but most annoying

sending the paperwork for my surprise of a blessing at sea on the last ever cruise on the Emerald to my wife, who has now had the surprise spoiled, when I was promised by the staff it would be held in the office.

Upset, I am very upset that the surprise that I had planned for over a year has been spoiled.  No doubt I will be speaking to them today and probably going into the local office on Saturday.

Still, nothing would stop me going on the last ever Thomson cruise on the Emerald.  And even though my wife knows about the surprise on ship blessing.

Andy (rather upset)

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