A tribute to the Vulcan

Hi everyone

Now when I look around for old footage of the Vulcan or Concorde there’s always some good pickings.

However, once in a while, I come across something that really made me sit down and almost cry.

The following video on youtube by user ViddyKJB is so amazing.  The whole thing is topped off with some wonderful patriotic music.  Watch out for the skybolt version of the Vulcan.

Another thing to remember as you watch the aircrews running into those Vulcan’s is that, only the pilot and co-pilot were assured of ejecting.  The crew in the back horseshoe seats, had no ejection facility.  They only had the option to drop out via the access hatch below.  This option was even more dangerous if for some reason the landing gear was still down.  Risks of leaving the aircraft this way included hitting the landing gear struts, hitting the underside of the aircraft and risking being burnt via the engines.  Even with all these dangers, the crews readily fullfilled their duties, protecting the UK from the former USSR and nuclear war.

It’s something to think about


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