Concorde entrusted to the Americans and then damaged

British Airways, rightly or wrongly, stopped flying the Concorde’s and retired them.

Instead of offering them to a group or foundation to keep at least one of them flying (under supersonic speed) for display purposes as a mark of British engineering, they chose to place them around the world as a 3 dimensional billboard as a advert for British Airways.

Now, there was a history of ill feeling over the Concorde and America, with various action groups trying to stop her flying into American airspace and there was even talk of the Americans assisting the Russians with the russian supersonic plane, nicknamed Concordski.

However, I imagine there were some very embarrassed faces at British Airways when the news started filtering in, that Alpha Delta, the Concorde entrusted to the Intrepid Air and Sea museum, had been damaged.  Not only had it been damaged, but the iconic nose cone, so symbolic of the Concorde had been hit by a lorry.

And so unravels a long story of how the plane had been moved and placed in a sports complex etc etc.

I have placed a link below to a blog site covered by the New York times.  This gives plenty of information and room for your thoughts on this matter.  Also if you take a look in Google and look at some of the images from this Concorde, you will see the famous plane had undergone some horrific visitor damage, with paintwork and cabin seats looking very much worse for wear.

Visit the blog and please feel free to comment.  Perhaps we should persuade British Airways to return this aircraft back to the people who would love and cherish her.


Would love to hear your views


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