Only 6 weeks to go – SS Emerald here I come

With mixed feelings I am both exited and upset that it is 6 weeks to go till my cruise on the Emerald.

The sad feelings are based on the fact. that in 8 weeks time, the ship will pass back to Lois Cruise Lines and no longer be available for my yearly or twice yearly holiday.

The good feelings are that I will see all my friends again, enjoy 2 weeks sailing on the friendliest ship on the Eastern Mediterranean.

I am also taking the opportunity to renew my wedding vows, as we honeymooned on the Emerald, I was going to wait until our 10th anniversary to do this, but as the ship will be gone i’ve had to push the plans up a year.


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6 Responses to “Only 6 weeks to go – SS Emerald here I come”

  1. Jonathan Greatorex Says:

    Here you go Andy, here are a few photos of the “Grand Old Lady” to get you in the mood for your forthcoming Cruise:

  2. compareandy Says:

    Thanks Jonathan

    They are really good photos, I could bore you with 9 years worth of various pictures.

    How often have you been on the Emerald? She actually looks very presentable with the way you have taken the shots. Very professional.

    Can I link to your photo set from this blog?

  3. Jonathan Greatorex Says:

    Hi Andy,

    Please feel free to link away. Only travelled on her the once (last week); I’m a pro-photographer and designer (for my sins), she’s a beautiful ship and thought I’d get a few shots for posterity. .



  4. compareandy Says:

    Thanks Jonathan

    I will link your photos to my page.

    Glad some people are taking some pictures. I am more of an amatuer happy snapper, happy with the knowledge that out of 1,000 pictures, I should get 10 good ones.

    I am out on the Emerald on 17th October for her last two weeks cruise before she leaves TUI. I am expecting some of the old crew to gt on board too, as I have been talking to some of them about this. It should be fun. My favourite officer has returned after a couple of years on the Calypso for the last cruise as well whcih makes it extra special for me.

    I will try and post some of my photos at some stage too. won’t be as good, but lets see how it goes.

  5. David E-Stainer Says:

    It is always a shame when ships move to or indeed return to pastures new. I never made it to this ship in fact I have never cruised with Thomson, however I hope you enjoy your cruise on her.

    I was wandering though have you ever tried other cruise lines in the same grade as Thomson?

  6. compareandy Says:

    Hi David

    Yes, I have tried Fred Olsen, The Island Escape adn Tui’s Calypso and Destiny.

    Both companies have some lovely ships, and in terms of the Island Escape it looks so much newer and fresher. However, nothing can replace the feel of the Emerald.

    My views of a ship are probably different to other peoples, but I love a little formal stuff like dining to be included. I also feel strongly that people can go buffet style if they want and dress according to the dining style.

    I will be on the market to find a new ship at some stage. I will be using the Berlitz guide to find a ship I think I would like

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