Is this the end for a flying Vulcan?

With a heavy heart, I have to say that the future is not looking bright for XH558, the only flyign Vulcan in the world.

After a hard first year of flying, small teething problems and cancelled airshows, the coffers are running low and some sponsors are no longer able to supply funds.

Where does this leave our iconic aircraft?  Well unfortunately, it leaves her mothballed in the hanger.

This is not a future we had all intended for our glorious Delta Winged Lady.  The original plan was to breathe another 10 – 15 years of life into this cold war jet, providing our children the education of what has happened in the past and how design and technology raises to the challenges of the world problems.

The Vulcan, along with the other V bombers, were created to answer the cold war threat, a chance that a Nuclear War could occur.  The V bombers were designed to fly long distances and carry our Nuclear Deterant.  This was in the form of Blue Steel and Skybolt Nuclear missiles.

The Vulcan plans were always on standby, but luckily were never needed in the role they had trained for.  Ironically, the Vulcan’s were only called into war, when the Argentine invaded the Falkland Islands, and an audacious plan was created, using Vulcans, both bombers and fuel tankers, to attack the islands and return them to British control.

With this wealth of history, the Vulcan’s soon became a favourite of the airshow circuit, with the RAF maintaining two Vulcan’s for display purposes.  The spirit if the Vulcan lived on. However, even this had to end, with the Vulcan display team finally be disbanded and the last two Vulcan’s sold off.

Luckily XH558 was bought, with a plan to return her to flight, this dream was finally fulfilled this year.  Huge crowds flocked to hear the distinctive growl as the Vulcan finally took to the skies once more.

Now, the future looks dark.

But, in true British spirit, Never say Never!

The Vulcan could remain in the sky.  So far public support has been great, providing well needed funds to the cause.  But more is needed.  Each pound donated helps keep the dream alive.

You can help.  No matter what size of your donation.

To find out more, visit the Vulcan Trust site

Please help keep this lady flying, Don’t let the fate of Concorde befall the Vulcan.




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