Support Vulcan XH558 – We need your help

After a year of ups and downs, but a year that saw the only flying Vulcan grace the skies, the Vulcan Trust now need more money to ensure that this delta lady will continue to fly.

The importance of the Vulcan is not just as a memorial to the role she played in the Royal Air Force, but also as a learning tool for future generations when it comes to design and technology.

A petition to the prime minister has been created, please show your support and sign up.



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2 Responses to “Support Vulcan XH558 – We need your help”

  1. Trickshot Says:

    “XH558 requires a mere £1.75 million to continue its important work” – a direct quote from the petition text. So, after the grant, the fundraising, the endless requests (on the dreadful website – didn’t anyone tell them how to run one?) they still need a whopping 1.75 Million quid? I love the Vulcan but enough is enough. The project has sucked up far more money than it should have and the public seem to be answering (only 8 thousand people have signed the petition) and I have to say I will not be signing it even though I think the aircraft is magnificent and I had the pleasure of seeing it in 87

  2. compareandy Says:

    Trickshot, thanks for your comments. It’s often hard for a fanatic like myself to remember the flipside of these sort of posts.

    I still support the Vulcan and have indeed signed the petition.

    I have done this for one important reason. The Vulcan is now in private hands. The Concorde never got the chance to be saved for the odd historic flyby, like the Olympics or world cup.

    The Vulcan not only served the country as a deterent but also in an active role in the Falklands. A single flying plane is little to ask, when you see the numbers of Spitfires, Huricanes even the odd Tiger Moth.

    Not only does she stand for the British values she also holds a huge value in teaching our children the need for design and to push the boundaries.

    In this day and age, it seems a strange thing to retire and get rid off two of the moat iconic planes ever produced (The third was the English Electric Lightning) but to also release the QE2 is also sad.

    In years to come, people will ask why we never kept the Vulcan and Concorde at the time when it would have only cost 3- 7 million rather than 40 million in the future.

    I am sure, whatever happens, we can both be proud of the work done by the Vulcans and by the restoration team, even if this only results in keeping her looking good as a static plane for years to come.

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