Strange but true – Tour de France

Take a look at the photo below, and see if you can spot something strange.

First Corner

First Corner

Whilst stopping for a meal down near my house in France, I was a bit confused when the local police started stopping traffic.

Although my French is very poor, I was able to find out that the Tour de France was passing through the village, and all cars had to move or pull away from the main road. Also, any damage would be the owners fault if a bike rider hit the car. well, that’s enough warning for me, so the car was pulled right in behind the building.

Well we waited and waited, after about half an hour a tractor came round the corner and dropped a couple if bails of hay, plus a police car dropped two policemen. The hay was put next to a shop window and the two policemen stood in the street fingering their guns. This was the preparation for the arrival of the riders.

A police car came round sounding it siren, this was to warn us that the cyclists were within 10 minutes of us.

Next, with about 5 minutes to go, a small Renault car came round to the 30 watchers from this village, and threw some leaflets out the window. Expecting this to be interesting, I grabbed one, only to find it was the local tupperware salesperson, doing some marketing. (that’s french tupperware, not sure if we do it anymore)

Finally, we were treated to 5 minutes of bikes whizzing past the restaurant (no crashes) then another 5 minutes of support vehicles. Does this sound right? Not in my books. Heres another picture, there is an even greater clue in this one.

Can you spot it?

Can you spot it?

Have you guessed? Actually it turns out this was not the main Tour de France, it was actually the Tour de Limousin. On top of this it was actually the ladies race. When the men race there is usually thousands of people watching.

Oh well, thats something else i’ve learnt down in France.

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