Oh dear, not only has the world gone crazy since the Americans elected the first official mixed race president (of course I refer to the fact that everyone on the planet is mixed race, if you look back far enough), but there are more and more people trying to cash in on the fact.

Africa Safaris have announced a new safari based on the heritage of President elect Obama.

Click here

When will people realize that the individual counts more than the race, religion, creed or colour.

If they don’t understand this, perhaps I need to start calling myself Viking / Norman hybrid or something.


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  1. Presidential Race On Best Political Blogs » Blog Archive » A ‘PRESIDENTIAL HERITAGE’ SAFARI Says:

    […] A ‘PRESIDENTIAL HERITAGE’ SAFARI Compare-Holidays. Tagged: africa, african obama, african safari, american president, barak obama, color, colour, creed, heritage safari, heritage tour, obama, obama heritage, obama safari, presidential election, race, religion. […]

  2. Andy Skinner Says:

    I’m not sure what that comment means, but there you go

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