Who are Teasin Tina and Lusty Lindy?

If you read my blogs, you should realise that these ladies must be planes.

Indeed, I am not one to dissapoint. However, these are not just any planes. These are the last two working Handley Page Victor K.Mk 2’s.

Teasin Tina

'Teasin Tina'

Many people write these lovely planes off as relics from the Falkland’s War. Planes that served a purpose at the time and were retired.


These planes actually continued service up until 1991, and were even active in the first Gulf War.

XM715 ‘Teasin Tina’ and XL231 ‘Lusty Lindy’ are now the only two Victors in teh United Kingdom that are still in working order. Many people work hard to ensure these two beautiful planes are kept in good condition. Furthermore, they are maintained to such a level that they are able to undertake fast taxi runs.

Who knows, in the future we could see one flying again.

Visit the Yorkshire Air Museum, to see ‘Lusty Lindy’ and Bruntingthorpe for ‘Teasin Tina’



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