Leave Britney alone

Sounds familiar?

Well even I now feel that the media are unduly picking on Britney Spears. After her performance on the X-Factor was mimed. It’s strange how the brother and sister act, Same Difference, clearly mimed the week before.

In my honest opinion, many performers who put on a strenuous dance act will either mime or have backing support and a quiet copy running in the background as it would sound wrong for the gasps for air and other noises whilst a tough dance act is undertaken.

This, in no way, detracts from the live performances by the contestants on X-factor. What it indeed shows is how tough the training for them is. Britney has performed many live concerts in her career. We need to remember on how hard her journey has been back into the positive limelight.

The people who helped push her into the dark place she went, are the same ones who are doing it again. Does this mean we have become a country who only enjoy building celebrities up, only to laugh and enjoy their fall.


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