United Kingdom to join the Euro

Shocking headline for many, but more and more Europeans are convinced that the UK will join the Euro in the next two years.

Somehow, I cannot see this myself.  We are in an economic meltdown, with the only thing standing between the people and a huge black hole is the independent Bank of England and the ability to decide our own interest rates and currency.

However, those currently in power would seem to be investigating this.

To me this is crazy, this is almost as crazy as selling all our gold reserves at rock bottom prices (to aid our meeting of EU targets).  What this would in effect do, is to sell off our country at a rock bottom price.  The pound would be tagged to the Euro at the current rate of €1.19 rather than the €1.49 or more it was often tagged at in the last five years.

I cannot see how this would assist our country or improve our flagging economy.

Perhaps I cannot see the whole picture.  I hope this is the case.


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