Virgin Atlantic TV ad – 25 years, still red hot – how great is this?

Everyone must have now seen this advert.

Now, if anyone out there is my age group, (*blushes* as he reveals mid thirties), this advert is a cracker.

Whoever did the concept for Virgin Atlantic really did their homework. Right from the start, with the newspaper salesman with the obvious strike headlines, look to the back. Theres an old chocolate coloured Austin Princess and a Ford Escort estate. Even the bus looks correct.

As we step into the advert, have you sat and tried to spot every element from 1983 that you remember .

Come on, join in and highlight the items we really thought fab at the time.

Austin Princess / Escort Estate – outside
Frankie goes to hollywood – relax – soundtrack to advert
Mobile phone – inside
Cleaner with bright yellow walkman tape machine – inside
Kids playing on Asteroids – inside
Other machine is PacMan – inside
Our Price record shop – inside
Big country LP – outside our price
Proper Policemen without huge guns – inside
Wimpy- inside
A bender burger – ouside wimpy eaten by the guy with the NHS Specs
NHS Specs – when there was only one type of glasses from the NHS
Child with a rubic cube – inside
child with my little pony – inside
classic big box mobile yellow eletronic game – inside
classic flip boards rather than digital displays, with the clip, clip clip noises as they change – inside
Alannah Currie of the Thompson Twins – posing for photos in classic 80’s clothes (or a look alike)

So can anyone else spot more, come on lets break this down. Its a quality advert that should really be entered for the advertising awards. Visit Virgin Atlantic to see their site

Andy Skinner

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2 Responses to “Virgin Atlantic TV ad – 25 years, still red hot – how great is this?”

  1. Steve Jiggins Says:

    I love the ad and watch it closely every time to see if I can spot further period detail.

    The only disappointment for me is that the police officers are wearing blue shirts. Heathrow was – and still is – covered by the Met police and in 1984 all ranks wore white shirts. I got married in 1982 and my wife commented that she remembers the white shirts because she ironed so many!!

    Minor nitpick I know.

    Steve Jiggins

    • compareandy Says:

      nope, thats not a minor nitpick, its just a factual information and exactly what I was looking for. Only through you own personal knoweldge could this have been spotted, obviously not by the advertising agency.

      The airport in the advert is actually just a mock up, so I am purposely looking for the mini errors. Apparently, the big mobile phone was not available in 1984, but one similar was. Still trying to check that one out.

      The advert is still one of the best, I just like to find things out

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