Save the Vulcan

Please spend a couple of minutes to watch the following video, and remember why the Vulcan should return to the sky.

Your support is needed

Visit to see more


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2 Responses to “Save the Vulcan”

  1. Nickolay Kotev Says:

    Dear Friend!
    Welcome to my “Blog”, with electronic adress URL:
    In the new variant of the blog there are very much new informers, themes, banners and analisys by the variouse problems of the military history and policy. They will be very interesting for you! In the world system of the cybersytes, the blog received a high mark “578”. Your friend Nikolay Kotev

    • compareandy Says:

      Dear Nickolay

      Thank you for the invite. Your blog is very interesting. I would be very interested in seeing if you have any historic information from the same period that the Vulcan’s were in service, such as news reel or public service info, on awareness that these planes were in the air.

      I have been shown some, but believe these to be fakes

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