Need a good read on the plane or on holiday?

A few years ago I got hooked on an author whilst away on Holiday.

I was flying from London Gatwick to Corfu to pick up a cruise. To pass the waiting times in the departure lounges, I bought a couple of books. Typically, me being me, I left one at Gatwick as I rushed to get my plane. The second book was excellent, and I did manage to read it whilst relaxing. Usually I would leave my book on the cruise ship, as the Emerald (the cruise ship I used to sail on each year) had a nice little library of donated books, however, as this book was so good I intended to take it home.

As it happened, my wife thought I was leaving it, and took it out the bag and left it out for the cabin steward to remove. Typical.

Anyhow, I was trying hard to remember the author’s name. I could remember the characters. That’s where the power of Google steps in. I searched for the characters, and not only found the author but some second hand book shops where I could buy the books cheap. I was so happy.

As I type this, the first of the purchases has just been handed to me. “Precipice, by Colin Forbes“. If you ever want a book to read whilst waiting at the airport or whilst on the plane, I would take a look at this.

It’s a bit James Bond, but without the one man act. This is British team work at its best and I now cannot work out why no-one has ever made a film from the books except Avalanche Express, admittedly some of the older books would need a re-vamp due to technology changes, but thats all.

So next time i’m resting at the Gatwick Sofitel Hotel or the Gatwick Arora International Hotel (sorry I like my nice hotels) try Colin Forbes for a read. I must admit it almost took my mind off the flight.


Gatwick Airport Hotels

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