How to remember what to pack for holiday

Do you ever have problems remembering what to pack for holiday? Do you ever think have I done this, have I done that.

Take a look at the interactive holiday checklist from Compare Airport Parking. On this site you will find a free to use application that you can fill in your holiday details and remind yourself what to pack, what needs planning, the works. Not only that, but if you select the mailing option, it will even email you when time is running short to do some of the outstanding tasks.

Very handy and very useful. Visit the site and have a play

Interactive Holiday Checklist

Compare Birmingham Airport Hotels
Compare Birmingham Airport Parking

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2 Responses to “How to remember what to pack for holiday”

  1. Michael Johnson Says:

    Hello I was reading your blog article and found this really interesting and thought it would be relevant to post the information I found to save you guys money when travelling abroad.

    The one thing we leave to last minute usually is the parking, and if this is done last minute it can be a pricey mistake to make.

    I recently travelled abroad from Heathrow and found one of the cheapest, most efficient parking companies out there. The service was excellent and the prices fantastic and I couldn’t see any reason why I wouldn’t be using them again.

    Their website is and if you want to save more money when taking a holiday, I definitely recommend Value Individual Parking.

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