Have you thought of booking an airport hotel and parking?

Have you ever had to rush to the airport at a really anti social time? Whilst sitting in the car travelling towards your airport have you ever thought there must be a more civilised way of doing things?

Well there is. Most UK airports will either have hotels on the airport or just outside. Strangely enough, you will find that they are not always as expensive as you may have thought. For instance, if you were flying from East Midlands at 6am, you may have booked parking for approximately £31. You could in fact get a hotel for £60 including the parking. What’s more, the parking may be of a better quality than the one you had selected as the best option.

Using the Compare Airport Parking site, you can search hundreds of airport car parks to find the best deal that suits you, but did you know that they also show you the cost of upgrading to a hotel with parking? It’s true. What’s more, you can indeed book there and then or search the other hotels available at that airport to see if anything else suited your needs.

Additionally, the Compare website has introduced an interactive holiday checklist to asssit you in preparing for your holiday.

Take a look at the interactive holiday checklist from Compare Airport Parking. On this site you will find a free to use application that you can fill in your holiday details and remind yourself what to pack, what needs planning, the works. Not only that, but if you select the mailing option, it will even email you when time is running short to do some of the outstanding tasks.

Very handy and very useful. Visit the site and have a play

Interactive Holiday Checklist

Compare Heathrow Airport Hotels
Compare Heathrow Airport Parking

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2 Responses to “Have you thought of booking an airport hotel and parking?”

  1. Blackpool Hotels Says:

    Off topic I know but as this is such a great blog I thought it would be a great place to post my question. Has anybody been to Blackpool this year? If so what do you think of the multi million pound redevelopment? Do you think UK seaside resorts such as Blackpool have a future?

    • compareandy Says:

      Hi there, not so much off topic, so it’s ok.

      I myself have been to Blackpool. I was a little disappointed with what has been done and what has blatently been missed. The same counts for Folkestone, which is close to my home. Folkestone in Victorian times was one of The biggest locations to travel. Glorious promenades and buildings, now it’s all faded.

      My view of Blackpool is much the same, a glorious seaside resort that has suffered for years of neglect. The new work has started the ball rolling, however, there are more intrisict issues to face, and some of this can only be solved by a full long term plan, with development planning and compulsory puchases where necessary.

      Folkestone may have a saviour in the shape of a local businessman and supporter, but really it should be local government and central government assisting.

      Blackpool airport has grown recently and is a good indicator of the area strength, what you really need now is a more long term focus.

      UK seaside towns will have a future, but the future is tied to local councils and businessmen, which is not always a good thing. Only time will tell.

      Compare airport parking

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