Airport car parking experiences

Have you used airport parking recently? Did you enjoy the experience?

Was it good for you?

Was it good for you?

I am currently doing some research into how airport parking companies handle their customers. Compare airport parking works closely with 8 airport parking companies selling hundreds of car parking sites around 26 locations in the UK. As we are an independent 3rd party, we don’t often get to hear about the level of service they provided our customers or how the car parks looked and how the staff acted.

Many advertisements give a perfect impression of their services, whereas I am interested in the truth, warts and all. If an advert promised 10 minutes to the airport and its actually took 30, I want to know.

So, do you have any comments of good or bad stories, let me know.

Compare East Midlands Airport Hotels
Compare East Midlands Airport Parking

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One Response to “Airport car parking experiences”

  1. Airparking Meet and Greet Says:

    I really want to experince this it impresses me..,,Good job

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