Have you ever been to Folkestone, Kent?

Have you ever visited or traveled through Folkestone.

As a man of kent, I would love to hear what you thought of the place.  Personally, I find it embarrassing about the condition the town is in, much the same way as Dover has become.

I’ve mentioned in my Dover article, (read here) that as a cruising man, I expect quite a lot from a port, especially if it is a cruise port.

Well, Folkestone may have some saving graces, I believe they have aspirations to attract the cruise ships, but will not offer them until they have redeveloped.

I was reading an article today about Folkestone now being redeveloped. If this does happen then we could be seeing some drastic changes in the near future, all of which could be great for the local area.
Let me know what you think, either of Folkestone or of the redevelopment plan.


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