The moon landings were faked, were they?

Well, that caught your attention.

In my blog before I have mentioned my problems with believing the moon landings were actually real and have often commented on this. This is however, only my own opinion.

I did however, read the news on the BBC website and saw, much to my amusement, that two Bangladeshi newspapers, had published a story regarding the faked moon landings along with statements from Neil Armstrong.

Much to the newspapers embarrasement, the researchers had found the story shown in “The Onion”, a satirical online news channel, and took it as fact without researching further.

Such matters as this really made me laugh.


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3 Responses to “The moon landings were faked, were they?”

  1. remotekontrol Says:

    The Moon landings were without any shadow of a doubt faked.

    Please see my latest posting refering to Dave McGowans articles.

    Thanks =)

  2. cheapparkking Says:

    I reckon they landed at Stansted, these guys reckon so

  3. cheapparkking Says:

    sorry i ment

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